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Hospital and Wellness Center

St Marys Medical Charity is in the process of securing land to build a 500 bed hospital and will be available 24/7. for the community of Enugu Ezike, This purposely build centre will provide a 50 bed isolation unit for COVID 19 and any other highly infectious pandemic of the future.

Other areas of the hospital will be transferable to increase capacity if the demand required which would ensure that the isolation of infection was contained within the hospital grounds.

At full working capacity, the hospital will also provide pharmaceutical, optometry, dentistry, podiatry, x-ray, pathology, rehabilitation and counselling services to ensure all patients have access to a one stop approach towards health care.

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Linens, Blankets and Gowns

We have been able to secure some linens and still in need for blankets and gowns.

Our Management Team are working with Vendors and in negotiations with a several hospital foundations.

If you have a surplus of medical blankets and gowns that you would like to donate, please email our corporate team

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Medical Equipment and Supplies

The building project for our 30-bed day clinic is now finalised and we are now looking for opportunities to partner with suppliers and rely on the generosity of donations to help with the fitout.

If you are able to help or donate, email us

“We ask that you share our story with as many people you know’

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Two Ambulances and Two Mini Vans

We have seen firsthand, people too sick to travel and we have to keep our community workers mobile so they can attend to patients

Help us on our quest to find the generosity of a donor that keep our community safe

If you are able to donate then our corporate team will help with accepting your generosity

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Energy Project

The board of trustees have always expressed their need for the clinic to be self-sustainable.

The local power grid is extremely unreliable so we must harvest the sun to provide the electricity We are trying to research as much as possible but we need a little help in place.

If you have any suggestions or would like to help with the purchase of solar panels please contact our Operations Director by emailing

Sustainable Water Project

St Marys Medical Charity are in early stages of researching the meaning of sustainable water look like for a hospital and invites all to share experiences or advice regarding sustainable and efficient water consumption

Please email our


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We Need Your Help

In 1986 the world leaders came together and declared “Healthcare will be extended to all – even the poorest”

“The indigenous communities of Enugu Ezike have a right to good health and your generosity will help them to live a meaningful life”

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