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Our Story

St Marys Medical Charity

Providing Medical Services to the Communities of Enugu Ezike Enugu State


Nigeria Africa

Nigeria Africa

Enugu Sate South East Nigeria

Enugu Ezike, Igboeze North LGA

About Us

Welcome to Our Community

The Olido community is very personal to me because this is where my family home is, a place full of happy memories and traditions! In 2017, I had travelled from Australia on my Christmas holidays to visit and after hearing about an unusual number of deaths that happened throughout the year, I started asking the question “ how could this happen” and as a health professional myself, it became clear to me that too many had lost their lives unnecessarily.

As soon as I could, I set out to visit the only health care facility in the community which for all intended purpose is a shared responsibility of both the local Area Government and the people. It’s the one place that women can attend for prenatal and or baby health clinic and the same building is used for all government types of immunisation programs.
I was not prepared to see the condition of the facility, an old dilapidated house, no windows, no appropriate beds or bedding and no workable essential equipment. It became clearer that the recent rise in sudden deaths had been directly related to the lack of basic Healthcare. Something had to be done and after several calls to friends and colleagues.

I found myself consulting with elders for permission to renovate the old building and very quickly organised our first outreach clinic.

The team were overwhelmed that our intent had travelled so far, there were people everywhere and as we moved amongst the crowd of organised Chaos, I began to worry that we just didn’t have enough resources for the demand. There was no time for a break; I moved from one chair to another, there was no pattern or correlation from gender or age, these people where sick and they needed our help. At the end of clinic, I was surprised to hear that together, the team had identified and treated over 100 Diabetics with just as many again presenting with High Blood Pressure and many more presenting with eye problems such as cataracts and glaucoma.

Our biggest challenge was ahead of us, providing aftercare for these patients was critical to their wellbeing which relied on the patients to continue to take their medicines and encourage regular testing. This was not an easy task with only 1:3 committed to their health plan but what we saw was the power of healing, 1 person getting well was all the motivation the others needed to trust the medication. St Marys Medical Charity continued to provide the outreach clinic once a week up until the impact of COVID 19 and whilst we have been closed for a few months, I am happy to say that we recommenced on the 24th October 2020.

I have also been busy restoring a building which will be our first 30 bed day clinic, we are currently in negotiations with partners to help fund our team to service the needs of this community and if you can offer time, money, volunteer or donate, then please contact me directly because I would love to hear from you.

Sincere Thanks and My God Bless You

Dr Uchenna Nweze
Founder & CEO
St Marys Medical Charity Organisation 

St Marys Medical Charity Organisation

Opening our first clinic

Donation Can Help Save Lives 

We Need Your Help!

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In 1986 the world leaders came together and declared “Healthcare will be extended to all – even the poorest”

“The indigenous communities of Enugu Ezike have a right to good health and your generosity will help them to live a meaningful life”