Protecting The Community

Olido is one of the villages of communities in Enugu Ezike, South East Nigeria and home to 36 different villages, with population over 280,000 people.

The only health facility is poorly resourced dilapidated Community Health Centre.

In 2017 The Olido people had a dramatic spike in premature deaths due to the lack of basic healthcare or treatment for preventative illnesses.

Follow our journey as we work together to improve the health and wellness of this beautiful community …..

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We Are A Registered NGO

Our Vision

To make medical services accessible to the people of Enugu Ezike

Our Mission

To generate resources through the generosity of kind hearted people and organisations to improve the lives of Olido Community.

To attract volunteers and partners who are passionate and willing to share our vision.

To educate the community to live healthier lives through our medical outreach workshops in-services and seminars…..

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During the global COVID 19 Pandemic we have been busy renovating and repurposing a building that will open in 2021.

Nweze House is to be our very first clinic.

As you can imagine, We are very excited And currently in negotiations with suppliers and Collaborators for Medical Equipment and Supplies.

In January 2021 we will commence a recruiting program to build our network of local community workers, We will also start recruiting for local Medical and Allied Health Professionals Our intention is to secure two ambulances and two mini vans for transport as soon as possible.

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500 Bed Hospital

We are currently in negotiations for purchase of land and have a design already to share Completing this project on time is a big audacious goal.

At the same time there are people suffering from illnesses that could have been prevented if only the community had a modern medical facility.

St Marys Medical Charity intends to run concurrent projects

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We Need Your Help

In 1986 the world leaders came together and declared “Healthcare will be extended to all – even the poorest”

“The indigenous communities of Enugu Ezike have a right to good health and your generosity will help them to live a meaningful life”

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Medical Professionals

St Marys Medical Charity are always looking for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals to join our team

If you have a speciality and would like to visit once a year or once a week, then we will work with you and make sure that patients are informed and booked prior to your arrival

Please register your expression of interest today

Clinic Details

Outreach Service every second Saturday of the month.

Chief Emma Nweze’s Compound,
Ikpa Junction, Olido Enugu Ezike

Attending Doctor : Dr Samuel Chime


Join us …


Do you represent a corporation or business that can get involved Do you have surplus of medical equipment or supplies that you would like to donate.

Are you looking for a new charity to support and looking for fundraising ideas

Are you a medical educator that has students who would like to visit or zoom our doctors for ……

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*Are you a retired Medical Practitioner?
*Are you a Current University Student?
*Do you like to work on your travels?
*Do you live in a community of Enugu Ezike? Volunteer Administration
Volunteer Community Workers


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